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Glitch is the name of my on again off again hardcore / punk / blues rock project with myself playing all the instruments on records and jingles etc. ( I am currently working on a production for the beginning and over-the-credits Los Angeles-based, nationwide cable show). Glitch is a sculpture containing my very first punk band’s songs, newer stuff, and reggae originals to playing music as diverse as Bad Religion, The Cult, Black Flag, and Led Zeppelin covers depending on the crowd and venue. Over the years I’ve worked with many talented journeyman bassists and drummers including Brent Liles (who played in Social Distortion, Easter, and Agent Orange) to former Emotion drummer Tony Frasca (who is going to help me make a sonic “diary” of older Floydian acid rock from my mid-teens for public consumption (now that LSD, Molly, and Ecstasy are back in vogue, as it were. Most of these songs originated from what was seriously jokingly referred to as Glue Sessions e.g. sniff glue and play delayed guitar over a droning bass and simple repetitive percussion, to all out anthems. Think Velvet Underground and the Door’s abused stepchild that married into the Jane’s Addiction-loving cousin’s family and that best describes the Glitch sound. Others would simply call it rock. Local to Florida but syndicated jock and crew’s “Bubba The Love Sponge” show gave “Annihilate” a thumbs up, obviously unbeknownst to them I played every instrument and it was all done in about a half an hour. We do take live gigs here as openers and have headlined Guavaween and other events in the totally healthy and thriving Tampa Bay music scene (actually it is terminal…WAIT!… sorry it just died…) for the next few months in the Southeast, but once the move to Los Angeles is complete this fall, I might focus my efforts in tracking down Axl Rose for a GnR cover band to get my rock fix…or better yet, be a gun for hire in the never boring O.C/ L.A. nepotism-laden punk scene instead…Either way ,as its namesake suggest, being in a working rock band has more hiccups than a baby after 2 shots of whiskey. But…”If it were easy kid, everybody’d be doing it…” Jeremy Renner aka Jem / The Town. Glenn Roberts